NO expensive environmental issues to contend with Aqua Levee. Units may be rinsed at time of removal, and further sanitized if necessary. Aqua Levee’s material does not absorb contaminants.

​​NO heavy equipment or special skill labor is necessary for Aqua Levee. Any individual, or any team of 2 people that can handle 65 pounds can be used to build this wall.

Aqua Levee is a patented flood control system that consists of triangular cross-section tube-like structures that are filled with water and can stacked to form a temporary artificial levee. With Aqua Levee, the available flood waters can be used to fill the tubes (the problem is the solution!!!). When flood waters subside, the Aqua Levee “tubes” are drained, hosed-off, collapsed and stored for reuse. Aqua Levee units are reusable, environmentally friendly and quick to install. 

Flood Protection - Aqua Levee can be deployed in time to prevent property damage, in contrast to situations where insufficient time is available to install sandbags. The fill time is only limited by the number of hoses connected to a body of water (for example, nearby flood waters or fire hydrants).​

Water Diversion/Retention – Aqua Levee may be installed in dry or flowing conditions to divert or prevent further water penetration. Aqua Levee can be used as WATER DIVERSION and RETENTION units that channel or contain fluid flows.



    Specializing in Flood Control

Flood Intervention – Aqua Levee has been proven to intervene in active storm surge. This real event validation reflects Aqua Levee’s unique capability to be installed even when it is thought to be too late. 

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