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Aqua Levee


Fluid Diversion and Retention Systems

Specializing in Flood Control

Aqua Levee is a multi-functional emergency response tool that may be used to control migration of surface water including various flood conditions, non-caustic chemical spills, sewer overflows, and as an expedient emergency barricade for road closures and building access.  Each unit is nominally 6’-4” long by 2’-0” high (27” actual), and approximately 65 pounds empty.  The triangular-shaped barrier contains 150 gallons of ballast that becomes 1,200 pounds when filled (200#/ft).  Anchorage using either soil anchors or concrete anchors is accommodated through a series of 4 D-Rings per unit, or every 20 inches of floodwall length.  ALL of the Aqua Levee equipment is reusable, and utilizes abundantly available water as ballast for the temporary flood wall.

The Aqua Levee System provides Flexibility through Modularity.  Working like building blocks, units can be set in a single line creating a barrier 2 feet tall.  The units can also be aligned to increase the wall depth, then height, based on anticipated or actual water levels.  Once dewatered, the same units can be used again at another location and in another configuration. Combining this flexibility through modularity, actual cost of deployments amortized over repetitive uses and varied configurations is a small fraction of the up front unit cost of product.

Installing the single layer of the Aqua Levee system also provides an expedient first line of defense for flash flood conditions, which permits time to plan for additional measures as necessary.  Should flood levels be predicted to exceed a 20 inch depth, the second tier of flood wall can be added to the pre-installed single line to create a nominal 4 foot high (54” actual) flood wall.

Using flexibility through modularity, the Aqua Levee System has the following advantages over other systems:

Is installed with significantly improved response time and with fewer resources, important factors when labor costs and/or time constraints are realistically considered

Utilizes the available surface water or municipal water supply as the system ballast, and has a narrow footprint

Can be installed even in flowing waters. Therefore, it can assist in any construction project or flood condition including flash floods and active storm surges

Provides the opportunity to control contaminated water in support of Clean Water Act initiatives

Is more effective compared to sandbags in preventing water penetration through the temporary wall

Is reusable, therefore the system provides further cost savings compared to single use cofferdams or water diversion/retention technologies

Is manufactured of non-absorbing plastic materials, thereby preventing absorption of contaminants, which require environmental considerations for disposal

Is manufactured of recyclable materials and therefore is not a burden for waste disposal

Is available in a fully equipped Rapid Response Trailer, where storage, transportation and deployment needs are self-contained

Has been reimbursed by FEMA as Emergency Protective Measures during federally declared flood disaster.

Can be used for other purposes such as traffic management, tie down, fire drafting, water storage (non-potable) and spill containment